In May 2020 I was tasked with improving the user experience of the Video Call App*, a feature from a digital health platform. It lets healthcare practitioners meet patients through video in a data-protected environment, enabling patients to continue with their mental health treatment during the pandemic. The Video Call App company learned that their users found the app difficult to use, leading to the cancellation of their Video Call App subscription at the end of the free trial period.

*Due to confidentiality reasons I can’t provide details publicly, but I’m happy to tell more upon request.

My role in…

Design Thinking applied to overcome challenges of a tech recruitment team


In 2016, a recruitment team of a global software development company needed to increase its hiring turnover to meet new business goals. My role in this project was to help the team during a 3-month period to design and validate a recruitment strategy that would increase the hiring numbers, report findings and results to the business leadership.

Methods Used To Collect Data

At the start of every project my approach is to gather and analyse information to define the scope and plan of action that best suit the business goal. In this assignment we used:

1: In-Context Interview

  • I interviewed the team and key stakeholders individually.
  • I asked…

3 ways to be a better moderator

One of the essential ingredients of moderating usability tests is minimizing confirmation bias as much as possible. But how do you do that, really?

1 — Be neutral

When people can read how you feel (from what you say through words, facial expressions, body language, or tone of voice), they react to the emotion triggered in them by you, rather than thinking aloud while performing the test tasks.

Is neutral the same as boring? No, it's using your poker so that you don’t influence the users’ responses

Ways to be neutral are:

  • Sticking to the same filler words: "u-hum", "ok", "I see"
  • Avoiding filler words such as: "right", "correct", "oh", "hmmm"
  • Replying to participants' questions with reverse questions
  • Taking notes from other usability…


From March to August 2020 I was a UX Design Intern at an online mental health platform. My role was to provide interface designs for the development team, a task in which I noticed some usability issues and found it difficult to understand the strategy driving the design decisions.

In a search for more information, I decided to investigate the product development process. While it started as a way to improve my own work, I ended up discovering a few challenges related to the absence of an iterative process, communication, testing, and end-user involvement.

To try and solve those findings…

This is the first step of a design challenge series I set myself to develop my design and prototyping skills using Figma.

For the first step I decided to design the calendar of the date-picker reservation form of the original prototype.

Component: Calendar

I started by duplicating the original prototype file. This helps to keep things organized, and also a great way to visualize progress!

Then I sought out to the Wise People of Youtube for guidance, and found a great 8 min tutorial from Sachin Gawas.

Here's the result:

UX Designer without a design background

As part of my UX classes at Skillcrush I was assigned the task of designing an interactive prototype of a sample client. It was my first time, ever, using a design tool.

I found my prototype good enough to move on to the assignment's next steps, but since then I struggled with not knowing how to bring ideas to life — at least not at the quality level I expected them to be.

Pen & paper, Miro, Canva and Invision have been my go-to tools. …

Gabriela Casagranda

I'm a UX Designer & Researcher based in Amsterdam. I love making sense of chaos, fixing things and listening to stories that are different than mine.

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